Some guys don't make turns

This is a picture of my friend, we started our friendship after calling a truce during a rock fight when we were both 5 years old. Many years later, I took this picture during a spectacular day of helicopter snowboarding near Whistler. In the background, you can see that my friend rode straight down from the peak – a little game that we’ve been playing for years.  In four feet of powder, it is relatively risk free; a different game on the icy blue slopes of New England.

In any case, I was thinking about this today. The irony is that my friend started working at Pfizer when he graduated college and never changed course until about 2 years ago when he took a severance package; two full years of salary – a very powdery departure that happens about as often as that crystal clear day in British Columbia.  On the other hand, I’ve made quite a few turns during my career on the cold icy blue startup mountains and I’m currently searching for my next opportunity.  I’ve taken a few spills, for sure, but I’ve also had some trilling rides that I don’t believe are available when you just blast through on the straight and narrow.

Now with my kids old enough that I’ve transitioned from survival mode to teaching mode – I’m trying hard to get them to try and make a few turns because they too, avid snowboarders and skiers, like to ride quickly top to bottom with no turns.  My daughter is in the chute now, college applications in and no idea what she wants to do – who really does, when you’re 17 years old.  I keep saying, how about a year in the Rockies as a ski bum (maybe I’ll visit a few times), some time in an Israeli Kibbutz or lend a helping hand in rebuilding New Orleans – grow up a bit, find your passion by trying stuff.

Make some turns, take some risks, even if the conditions are not ideal.


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