You know why I’m here

Just some blogging fun here…

In the world’s biggest noise factory, the SuperBowl, Marshawn Lynch continues to straight arm the circus performers as he responds to every question with “You know why I’m here”. He defies the NFL’s mandates, wearing his unapproved beast mode gear while trending on twitter. Genius media stunt or pampered starred athlete who is breaking his contract? Marshawn Lynch
Meanwhile, “All-Pro Stanford Graduate”, Richard Sherman attempts to redirect the mob to more important matters. Mission accomplished, I’m entertained by the entertainment (and remember, sports entertainment is the NFL’s business) and I will survive without the philosophical gems laid down by NFL players.

I will admit that I like the phase “You know why I’m here”; it got me thinking. Not about checking the box, conforming to the rules, avoiding the penalty – but about strongly believing in something and sticking to it. Cutting through the noise, facing adversity and staying on a mission is difficult and when you take this path, you’ll stand out which will make it even more difficult. I see many examples of following the pack, getting into a routine, doing the comfortable stuff – all ok, not bad. You definitely need to take care of some basics, but remembering why you are here and pushing is super important.

Full disclosure, I’m a Patriots fan.  Patriots 30, Hawks 20.

Go Patriots!

Now I have to go find a t-shirt with this quote.


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